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Lantro UI is Professional, Flexible & Highly Optimized Blogger Template. Best Blogger Template for Tech News, Marketing, SEO Tips, Videos, Sites an
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Hello everyone, in this post I am going to talk about a Premium Design responsive blogger template named Lantro UI. Lantro UI is one of the best Fast Loaded, SEO friendly, responsive and fast loaded templates. This You Can use template can be used to create blogs like tech news, blogging, Software , gaming etc. Generally, Lantro UI blogger template is designed for modern blogs or websites.

Lantro UI  has been created by Shiva Technical World.The inspiration of this theme is taken from Template like Imagz, Median UI and Feltro. And bloggers wanted some features and add-ons. That's why Lantro UI Theme has been created.But, it is not only a combined version of those templates, it also has some extra features that you will not find in those themes by default.

                                   Lantro UI is one such blogger template that is a great template for all sites.  You can try using this template once. I have explained all the features of this template in detail below, so please read This post till the end.

Theme Details:

Theme Name:-Lantro UI

Version :-1.5

Designer :-Jago Design

Redeisgner:-Shiva Technical World AKA Shiva

Price (standerd) :-499 Rs

Support :- 15 Days

Updates :-Lifetime

Why we want Lantro ui V 1.5 :-

Lantro UI comes with many add-ons features that make this template unique and you won't find these types of features in any template even on the Envato like platform.

  • Bookmark Posts:-This Add-on will allow visitors to save / bookmark posts so they can read it anytime and any where. This feature useful for visitor
  • System Default Mode:-The System Default is selected by users, the mode i.e. Light Or Dark, will switch automatically as per the Device Color Scheme.
  • Theme Color- Let your callers choose their favourite Theme Color for yourBlog.You can set Any of color You want.
  • Music Player:-Do you Awsome  Music Player for your Blogger blog? Lantro Ui V 1.5 comes with Music Player, with this you can play your audio files, i.e. MP3....
  • Countdown Download Box:-If you are providing any file on your Website to download, this Lantro Widget Download Box will be helpful for you....
  • Anti Ad-Blocker:- to increase your ad Money..
  • Cookie Consent:- Lantro Ui get consent from users about cookies...
  • Country Block:- Block specific country From users from accessing To your site.
  • No Internet Connection:- Notify users when their internet connection lost .
  • Force Javascript:- Helps you to serve advertisements and content seamlessly..
  • Google Translate:- multilingual support.
  • Safelink :- Increase your Post views and earn more Money.
  • Article Rating :- user can Rate the Post.
  • Landing Pages :-Beautiful 10+ landing page

Lantro Ui very  Responsive Design :-

  Lantro UI v 1.5 Blogger Template is one of the fast loading templates. The Lantro UI V 1.4 blogger template works well on all devices, as search engines like Google give more priority to mobile indexing. That is why it's material for any website to subsist responsive.. All these features are given in Lantro UI V 1.5 blogger template.

Lantro Ui V1.4 is Completely SEO Friendly :-

Lantro UI V1.5 blogger template is completely search machine optimized. All the meta markers and other SEO exercises are also included in this Lantro Ui V1.4 blogger template. Without the user of any website, any website is just HTML and that website can't be considered of value. Hence Lantro UI V1.4 blogger template is completely optimized for maximum hunt results.

Lantro Ui is a Fully Customizable :-

The Lantro Ui V 1.4 blogger template can be edited through the layout section of blogger. The colors in this Lantro Ui V 1.5 template are also easily changed through blogger theme customization. Lantro Ui, the totem and menu particulars in this template can be fluently changed. Lantro Ui V 1.5 Blogger Template has a lot of customization that can be used without tampering with any HTML code.

Some Best Features in Lantro Ui V 1.5 Template :-

  • Fully Responsive
  • Multi Colored
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Shortcode Support
  • Auto Read More With Thumbnail
  • Responsive Footer
  • Social Follow Button
  • Multi Drop Down
  • Related Posts With Thumbnail
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Back to Top Button
  • Best Responsive Menu And Layout
  • Schema Markup
  • Menu Navigation

Lantro UI V1.5 Demo And Buy :-

Demo Buy Now

*Some frequently asked questions. More

Is this template available for WordPress?

There is currently no WordPress version available, you can only use this template for Blogger platform.

What do I get if I buy a template here?

You will get a template bundle according to the product you purchased and can re-download it for free if there is a new version of the template.

Is there an additional fee to get the latest version?

You only need to pay once on your first purchase and you are entitled to forever template updates.

Can the template be resold ?

No, templates can only be used for personal use. You are strictly forbidden to resell this template in any way.

Conclusion :-

In this post I've explained in detail about all Lantro Ui blogger template latest version lantro Ui v1.4 download. I hope this post can be workable for all bloggers. Thank you for visiting our website.

About the Author

Hello My Dear Friends I am Abhishek From Bihar(Patna). I am a student Click Here


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